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Listed below are only a few
of the many tango orchestras available.
Listed beginner-friendliest first, click
the links to access samples.
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Osvaldo Pugliese
His vast collection of works are highly interpretational yet still suitable for beginners because if his slower and very pronounced "down beats". . A good Pugliese album is Ausencia >>
Or listen to mp3
Amazon Samples >>

Carlos DiSarli
Whether instrumental or with vocals you will find that DiSarli's recordings are quite suitable for dancing, especially for beginners who desire a clear unwavering beat. Among DiSarli favourites are pieces "Bahia Blanca" and "A La Gran Muneca" which is also the name one of his albums. . For some instrumentals with many danceable vocals listen to samples from his album
A La Gran Muneca >>

Julio DeCaro
De Caro has written many original Tangos which have been interpreted by many. De Caro's innovative arranging style is said to have influenced among others, Osvaldo Pugliese and more recently popular new Tango group called El Arranque. Dancers will find his recordings quiet enjoyable to dance to. A good Julio De Caro album is 
Tangos de Rompe y Raja >>

Juan d'Arienzo
A favourate amongst tangueros. Tempos are often quicker. He has an amazing way of combining soulful melodies with rhythmic, driving arrangements. 
mp3 samples >>

Rodolfo Biagi
For Amazon mp3s   
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Ricardo Tanturi
Tanturi's albums will either feature vocalist Enrique Campos or Alberto Castillo and are quite danceable. However, its tempos are often slightly faster. More advanced dancers will have no trouble using the many intricate walking variations to this music. RCA Club's album "Ricardo Tanturi" is good. You may listen to samples from other albums if you  
click here >>

Anibal Troilo
To sample one of his better albums  
click here >>

Miguel Calo
For an mp3 page of Milongas and Valses by Miguel Calo  

click here >>

Francisco Canaro:
Desde el Alma >>

Jose Basso
Por La Vuelta >>

Orquestra Escuela de Tango
Though seldom played at Milongas, this is an excellent group which pays tribute to the old masters in a sound and mastering quality that is very today. Click to listen to their album  
De Contrapunto >>

El Arrranque
A late 90s Buenos Aires group, also seldom played at Milongas, with exciting danceable tango music.  
Listen to samples >>

Color Tango
Another late 90's Buenos Aires group with many recordings, beautiful for listening. Some of the pieces lend themselves to choreographed dance performances.   
Listen to samples >>


"The Tango Lesson" Soundtrack
This is a great compilation despite the film score cues which are not suitable for dance (nearly every other piece). With over twenty tracks on the CD there is still plenty of good dance music. The first track of the album is a famous 1970s harmonica piece by Hugo Diaz, whose sought after recordings are no longer being published.   

Listen to samples >>

Best Tango Album in the World...Ever!
A compilation 2 CD set that has at least 12 danceable pieces on it (was being sold at Vancouver's Highlife Records on Commercial Dr.).
Listen to samples >>


Listen to various recordings of the same piece to determine which has best recording/ mastering quality.