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"Being a Tanguero is a way of perceiving life, of being an
artist, a way of having friends, a way of listening."  
   - Horacio Ferrer
Tango's origins have been debated fervently by dancers and tango enthusiasts. What most agree on is that the dance started in Rio Plata river basin around 1870 and was affected by the period's influx of immigrants to the region, from a variety of cultures. Beyond these points, the argument begins.

Did tango develop from the Milonga, a dance of Andalusian origin which Gauchos danced in closed position? Some define the Milonga as the main contributing dance, which combined Indian rhythms and the Spanish Habanera to give it its characteristic 'dotted' rhythm. Did it come from the African Candombe that black slaves played on their drums? Does the word Tango actually come from the African Tanganya and was it danced by West Indian Slaves first? Or does the word Tango come from 'Tambo' a negro dance in Uruguay and Argentina (and a name for the place of dance itself)? Who can be sure? Perhaps all of these facts play some part in its early development.   

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