Susana's Salsa Video!

For years Susana's teaching style has been
recommended by students to their close friends. Here
are the comments of some happy Salsa dancers:

"Susana's Salsa classes are fabulous! Her teaching style is warm, respectful with an added touch of humour. Her classes offer a fulfilled relief for busy people like myself. They are truly an escape from all the pressures of life. She has patiently guided me from a beginner dancer with absolutely no experience to a dancer who cannot wait to get out on the dance floor and try out the new steps I learn every week! As a result of Susana's attention to detail, I feel that I have developed a confidence in dancing that I never dreamed possible. I have Susana to thank for my new, exciting, social life!"
Valerie Lloyd
Professor of Psychology, Langara College

"After taking salsa lessons from several dance instructors in town, I started my lessons with Susana. What differs Susana's teaching from others is that she breaks down the steps very well and pays attention to subtle detail for both leaders and followers. Being a martial arts instructor myself, I really appreciate the attitude and effort Susana has toward her students. Susana remembers her students' names and, to me, that shows that she cares about her students."
Tony P. Yeh
Photographer, New Media Designer, Martial Artist

"I first contacted Susana when I was looking for a way to teach my husband how to dance Salsa. I am of Salvadorean background and I was never taught, so it was difficult for me to break the steps down for him. At first I was a bit hesitant about joining a class, because I wanted him to learn to dance authentic Salsa. This was because to me Salsa is more than just a dance. Salsa is part of who I am and part of my roots and culture, it's about passing an art, from one generation to the next. I have found Susana's classes are fun, animated and a great workout. She also teaches the kind of Salsa I want my husband to learn, authentic Salsa. I am looking forward to taking her intermediate course once me and my husband feel ready for the challenge and I have already told some of my friends to take the class since I'm sure they'll love it."
Jessika Pineda-Cordeiro

"Susana breaks down each and every step to help you understand the fundamentals of Salsa moves. She is very thorough and professional and takes a lot of pride in what she does. She creates a great atmosphere that makes learning a lot of fun! I recommend everyone to try her class and see for yourself."
Janka Intribus

"Susana is a true professional. She knows how to both challenge students and how to carefully build movements one-by-one and review them so they become integrated into the body. Vancouver is lucky to have such a high-caliber instructor."
Ginger Wilke

"I'm enjoying taking Susana's Intermediate class because she has patience, respect and is always in a good mood. I can feel how she enjoys teaching too and that is something very important she transmits to us."
Loraine Goulet

"Susana Domingues is, by far, Vancouver's best Salsa teacher. Besides being an accomplished and mesmerizing dancer herself, she is adept at breaking down the steps and the rhythm of the dance... Her emphasis on the details of footwork, posture and body movement, her careful attention to the lines and the aesthetic of the dance, and her personable and respectful manner all result in an extremely positive experience."
Veda Abu-Bakare
Professor, Langara College

"I always wanted to dance salsa but after two attempts of lessons and little success I gave up. As it turns out it wasn't me. Thank you Susana for your patience and understanding nature while teaching. Salsa dancing has me out of my seat and on the dance floor, I feel lighter on my feet and my posture has improved, all around your lessons have been fun and easy to learn and have changed my life."
Eddy Jalbert